Amelia & James Collection
  • Amelia & James Collection
    The Shannon legacy tells the story of generations dedicated to hard work, sustainable forestry and superior craftsmanship.
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  • Amelia & James Collection
    Every legacy has a beginning – a single seed planted that takes deep root in history and allows us to trace our heritage.
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James Lusk Alcorn, maternal great-grandfather to Jack Shannon, was a young ambitious attorney from Illinois who relocated to Coahoma County, Mississippi. Not too long after moving, he married a true southern belle, the lovely Miss Amelia Glover. Together they raised a large family and resided near Friars Point, Mississippi. Over time, their home became known as The Eagle’s Nest, due to the fact that an eagle’s nest had been built in a large cottonwood tree in a field near their home. One summer, while the fields were being cleared to plant autumn crops, the Alcorn’s ordered their axmen to leave behind the Cottonwood because it was home to a family of eagles. From then on, the Alcorn family became known as early pioneers in conservation. Continuing the Alcorn’s legacy, Shannon family forests are maintained by selectively choosing older growth trees to cut down, allowing the smaller trees beneath the canopy space to grow. The practice of selectively cutting is deeply engrained in the family legacy. In addition to old-world methods of conservation, we use traditional sawing techniques that promote greater stability, rich character and exceptional beauty.