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Hardwood Floors and Pets

Keep your pet’s toenails clipped

Dog’s toenails are a common cause of scratches on hardwood floors. Think about it – when your pet is running across the floor, his long toenails are digging into the wood with each step. By keeping your dog’s toenails properly trimmed, you will prevent them from scratching your beautiful hardwood floors, resulting in a happy owner as well as a healthy pup.

Use rugs in the traffic lanes

Use rugs in the busy areas of your home, such as hallways and entrances. Exterior doorways are a great place for a rug, so that your dog can greet you with great enthusiasm and not risk scratching the floor. By placing runners and rugs in the heavy traffic areas of your home, you will help prevent damage to your hardwood floors.

Clean up pet accidents immediately

To prevent stains and other permanent damage to your floors, be sure to immediately clean up pet urine and other accidents. As urine sits and decomposes, it becomes more alkaline and corrosive, causing it to burn through the floor’s finish and into the wood.

Apply a tough finish on your hardwood floors

Applying a tough finish on your hardwood floors will make them more resistant to scratches and wear. While the upgraded finish may cost more at first, it will save money over the long-run by minimizing the need to re-sand and refinish your floors. A tougher finish is definitely worth the money.

Regularly mop floors with a hardwood-friendly sweeper

Keeping your hardwood floors clean should be a priority. Regularly mopping the floor with a sweeper that is specifically designed for hardwood floors will remove any dust, dirt or other particles brought inside by your pet. Remember, not only is a clean home a happy home, it also keeps your hardwood floors in good condition!

Following these simple care tips will allow you to enjoy your pets and your fine hardwood floors at the same time.