Custom Designs
Tailored to your needs

Shannon & Waterman specializes in crafting custom wide plank floors for our clients. Whether you are looking for a unique finish for your new construction or remodeling project, or trying to match an existing floor in a historic home, we can create the perfect floor for you. We tailor every aspect of the design process to create a one of a kind floor exclusively for you.

When you are ready to begin your custom project, our team of custom wide plank flooring professionals works closely with you to help select the perfect species, character, finish, texture and sheen to complete your vision. Once your floor is designed, we create your design in our state of the art manufacturing facility where our flooring craftsman ensure quality at every step of the process. Each plank is hand selected, finished and meticulously inspected before being shipped to its final destination.

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Choose the species that makes sense for your lifestyle or to achieve a certain look.

The species you choose should not only achieve the look you want aesthetically, but also be the right choice for your lifestyle.  Each species has a different grain pattern and will lend a different look.  For busy households with children or pets, choosing a species with a high ranking on the Janka hardiness scale is important to withstand high traffic in homes and commercial spaces, as well as to reduce scratches in the finish from your fur baby’s claws or an excited toddler.  Our flooring design specialists are experts in hardwood tree species and can help give you the information you need to make the right choice.


Do you want visible knots and splits for a rustic look or premium wood for a smooth, modern aesthetic?

One of the most important choices to make is the grading of the wood used to make your floor.  Premium wood shows little to no knots and has a more consistent color overall; however, with premium grade flooring, there will be natural color variations between the heartwood and sapwood and there may be some small knots, but the overall appearance will be clear and smooth.

Character grade wood shows prominent variations in color and knots, worm holes and checks, making it the perfect choice for achieving a rustic, lived in look that will hide wear and tear.  In between premium and character grade, lies a variety of choices to meet your personal taste and our custom flooring specialists will help you make an informed decision.


Is solid or engineered flooring the right choice?

Selecting the wood flooring construction that works best for your project, either solid or engineered, depends on the climate where you live and the structure of your home.  Since solid wood expands and contracts with changes in relative humidity, our 3/4″ solid wood floors will lend a more authentic look with natural movement from seasonal climate changes.  Engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice if you prefer a more refined look that is less likely to change with levels in humidity or if your floor is to be installed either above or below grade.

We offer two engineered flooring platforms: Standard and Ultimate.  The Standard platform is a 4 mm decorative wear layer mounted to a 15 mm Baltic Birch core.  Shannon & Waterman’s Ultimate platform features a unique 3-ply construction which sandwiches an 11 mm Baltic Birch core between a 4 mm decorative top wear layer and 4 mm Oak bottom layer, for the ultimate in balance and stability.


Smooth, hand-scraped or wire-brushed?

An important part of any design plan is texture.  Texture in your flooring creates depth and captures the natural character and beauty of the wood. You can choose to add texture with brushing, hand-scraping or a combination of both. For a subtle touch consider hand-scraping only the edges to add a unique distinction between each plank.  Keeping the floor smooth and void of texturizing can be the perfect foundation for an ultra-modern space.  


From ultra-gloss to matte, the choice is yours.

Color and sheen are essential to achieving the right design for your space.  No matter if you want to match something you are inspired by, make a slight adjustment to one of our house hues or create a unique color exclusive to you, the Shannon & Waterman design team is here to walk you through the selection process and ensure custom samples are delivered for you to choose from.

Since Shannon & Waterman floors are crafted in a controlled environment in our state-of-the-art finishing facility, we can achieve a uniform finish without the hassle of site finishing.  Another benefit to ordering prefinished floors is being able to see the finished product in your space before installation, allowing each board to be placed in the perfect spot.