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Finish & Sheen

We’re here to guide you through the process of selecting the finish and the sheen to achieve your perfect custom look. Our state-of-the-art finishing facility offers a controlled environment that carefully recreates the “on-site finished look” minus the challenges that occur in the field. Shannon & Waterman’s pre-finished floors let you see the finished product prior to installation, allowing you to place each board in the perfect spot to further customize the look of your installation.

Shannon & Waterman Matte Finish

Matte Finish

Shannon & Waterman Satin Finish

Satin Finish


An important part of your wood flooring aesthetic is texture — it helps create depth and captures the natural character and beauty of the wood. Add texture with brushing, hand-scraping or a combination of both. For a subtle touch consider hand-scraping just the plank edges to add a unique distinction between each plank. Or, choose not to add any texture and keep the wood smooth — the choice is yours.

Shannon & Waterman Brushing

Shannon & Waterman Brushing


Shannon & Waterman Hand-Scraped

Shannon & Waterman Hand-Scraped


Shannon & Waterman Hand-Scraped Edges

Shannon & Waterman Hand-Scraped Edges

Hand-Scraped Edges


Allow us to help you select the wood flooring construction that works best for your project — either solid or engineered. Solid wood expands and contracts with changes in your relative humidity and with our 3/4″ solid wood, you’ll experience a more authentic look with natural movement during seasonal changes. Or, select one of our engineered wood flooring platforms if you prefer a more refined look that is less likely to change with humidity and can be installed above and below grade.

We offer two engineered wood platforms: Standard and Ultimate. Standard is a 4 mm decorative wear layer mounted to a 15 mm Baltic Birch core. Ultimate is a 3-ply construction that sandwiches a 11 mm Baltic Birch core between a 4 mm decorative top wear layer and 4 mm Oak bottom layer, for the ultimate in balance and stability.

Shannon & Waterman Construction

Shannon & Waterman Stair Accessories

Stair Accessories

Shannon & Waterman can also provide hand finished stair parts and floor registers to complement your floors. Being that we do this by hand, we will offer a close match with the understanding that we are not always going to be able to create the identical look created on our flooring line.

Tread Finishing Process

Registers, Trim, & Baseboard

Shannon & Waterman can customize any part of your wood flooring to provide a completely seamless look. From custom floor registers, to your baseboard and trim, Shannon & Waterman can do the best.

Shannon & Waterman Accessories

Shannon & Waterman Accessories

Custom Patterns & Panels

Shannon & Waterman can customize any part of your wood flooring to provide a completely seamless look. From custom patterns and panels, S&W can provide the look you desire. Available upon request.

Warranties, Maintenance & Care

Shannon & Waterman Custom Wide Plank Flooring Residential and Light Commercial Hardwood Warranties may be viewed here. Preventative maintenance and regular care are also included on page 6 of the warranty document.

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