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At Shannon & Waterman we have a naturally unique approach to manufacturing wood flooring by maintaining direct ownership of every aspect of our business. Learn more about how we make luxury wood flooring affordable for you.

The Shannon & Waterman Legacy

A Legacy In Custom Wide Plank Flooring

In colonial America, the settlers created the first wood floors using wide, thick planks from the abundant old-growth forests. While using all the parts of the tree, they selected the center portion of the best logs for their floors, as these were the most desirable due to their tight vertical grain and stability. Wide plank floors have a long legacy in the history of American flooring and continue to be a timeless, aesthetic feature in all styles of home design today.

(Left) James Egbert Shannon, second generation Shannon family, inspects old-growth trees in a Shannon family forest.

Continue the Tradition

Shannon & Waterman continues this tradition by selectively harvesting mature timber from forests in the United States, many of which we own. For generations, we’ve masterfully managed these forests for true sustainability – ensuring that we always have the precise trees necessary to supply the wood to create your custom floor.

The Shannon & Waterman Tradition

The Shannon & Waterman TraditionJack Shannon (left) and Todd Waterman (right) stand alongside newly cut logs at a Shannon family-owned sawmill.

Old World Methods
Old World Methods

Using Old World Methods

We own and manage our sawmills and are directly involved in the entire manufacturing process. Every day, we receive breathtaking logs from U.S. forests. At Shannon & Waterman, we utilize old-world methods for processing these logs. The mature timber is cut using traditional sawing techniques, cutting from the center or “heart,” and using the best part of the tree. And, like our forefathers, we take care to create the most authentic, stable, beautiful and timeless flooring. This can only happen if you truly own the whole process from the forest to the finished floor.

All of our wood boards are meticulously managed and quality controlled throughout every step of the process. We slowly air-dry the wood to remove the majority of the moisture. Then, we kiln-dry the wood to the perfect moisture level required for flooring. Only after the drying process is complete are the wood boards ready for us to manufacture into your customized wood flooring to your exact design standards.

Wood Flooring Designed Exclusively For You

When you are ready to embark on your custom project, our team of wide plank flooring professionals works closely with you to help select the perfect wood species, character, finish, sheen and texture to create your vision. Review a sampling of Our Products but keep in mind, it doesn’t end here. We specialize in tailoring every aspect of the design to create the perfect custom floor exclusively for you. When we say “exclusively” we truly mean that each and every floor is handcrafted just for you.

Once you’ve designed the flooring of your dreams, your custom wide plank flooring is produced at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our flooring professionals ensure quality control during every step of the production process. Only the best wood planks are hand selected, finished and meticulously inspected before being carefully packed and shipped to your destination.

Old World Methods

Shannon & Waterman Installation

Installation & Your Complete Satisfaction

At Shannon & Waterman we’ll work with your chosen installer or help you find a preferred installer in your area. In fact, many of our clients choose to install these floors themselves. Thanks to our precise milling and finishing process, along with help from our expert sales team, installing your own flooring can be easy and fun! We make sure all the specific details about your floor are conveyed and work as a team to support the process from start to finish. We follow up during and after the installation to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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