There’s no better feeling than getting what you really want for your home. It’s our passion and purpose that drives us to bring you luxurious, custom wide plank flooring.

At Shannon & Waterman, we combine a century of experience in sustainable forestry with expert craftsmanship to create high quality, American made wide plank floors. Choose from our two prefinished collections or work with one of our experts to design the perfect hardwood floor for you.

We believe in preserving the earth’s natural resources and have been selectively harvesting timber from our own forests for over a 100 years. We believe in preserving our natural resources. Every wide plank floor we create begins in our family-owned, old growth forests that we have been selectively harvesting for over 100 years.

Every legacy has a beginning, like a single seed planted that takes deep root and flourishes into a majestic tree. The Shannon family legacy in forestry began in the Mississippi River basin five generations ago.