Samuel Lee Collection
  • Samuel Lee Collection
    A refined collection of wide plank flooring devoted to the five generations of lineage of the Shannon Family Lumber business.
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  • Samuel Lee Collection
    Each board stands as a testament to our time-honored traditions of foresting, harvesting and milling.
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In the late 1800s my paternal great grandfather, Samuel Lee Shannon, founded Samuel Shannon Lumber & Stave. He went on to have several sons and a daughter. Two of the sons, Thomas Lee Shannon and James Egbert Shannon, continued the family business of lumber and started Shannon Brothers Lumber Company in Memphis, Tenneesse. Memphis, at the time, was the hardwood capital of the world. This area, rich in timber, was of more interest to Thomas and James while most folks traveled west for expansion.

Over the next several years, they purchase various lumber mills along the Mississippi River Basin, an environment with rich soil that produces some of the best hardwoods. When the World Wars broke out during 1940, the company secured large contracts with the government to supply wood for the truck beds, ammunition boxes, and more, all to support the war efforts. These contracts made the business successful during a difficult time in our history. Keeping a business going through the Depression and the Wars instilled a strong work ethic in my family that is infused in our company today.